We at "Real Experience" Ltd. understand that your hotel is your biggest investment and we know that maintaining your property in excellent technical and operational condition, and maximizing revenues from it are more important than ever. We promise significant benefits from our mutual cooperation.

Under MANAGEMENT our team understands performing the following tasks:

  • Make every endeavor to support the activities of the holiday resort or hotel, deriving the greatest possible benefit to the owner;
  • To conduct corporate marketing, advertising, sales and public relations; to organize groups, events and activities; to operate in promoting the site; to provide reservation services; to organize and supervise the activities of each department in the hotel complex;
  • To enforce and monitor compliance with certain payment system;
  • To control the collection of all amounts due from customers, guests, owners of apartments;
  •  Recruitment, selection and management of human resources;
  • To organize on behalf of the owning company paying the overheads, request and delivery of hygiene products, hotel supplies, etc.; Collection, disposal and transportation of waste; pest control, onsite security, and other similar services carried out during the work;
  • To purchase on behalf of the owning company of the hotel and pay the bill at the hotel all products, food, beverages, supplies, materials, equipment, and others necessary for the smooth workflow at the hotel, and to enter into contractual relationships with certain suppliers on behalf of the owning company;
  • To maintain the cleanliness of common and the recreational areas in the holiday complex and ensure their orderly management and good technical condition;
  • To perform repairs and to remove minor or serious damages;
  • Calculate and determine room rates, food and beverage and prices of all extra services; introducing promotions, compile special offers and contracts with tour operators;
  • To facilitate periodic reporting activities and to inform the owner about the current state of the object and cash flow;
  • To facilitate periodic meetings of the owner with the management in connection with the examination of plans and specifications for amendments to the hotel permits; help and advice to change, replacement of furniture and equipment; eliminating the main operational problems and generally improve service and optimize hotel operations;
  •  To conduct a periodic review of the correctness of all documentation concerning the state authorities and various institutions and detection of irregularities, to take measures to eliminate them.

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